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Platov international airport

Platov international airport is the first airport in history of modern Russia which was built from scratch. Commissioning was carried out in December 2017. Platov is in the top 10 Skytrax ranking of the best regional airports in Russia and the CIS as part of the Passenger Choice Awards. The airport is named after the famous ataman of the Don Cossack army, the hero of the Patriotic War of 1812, Matvei Ivanovich Platov.

Way from Platov airport to Valencia hotel:

  • By car: 38 min
  • Motorway distance: 38 km
  • Transport: buses number № 286, 700
  • See driving directions from Platov airport
38 km between Platov and Valencia
Calm and comfortable rooms
High-quality food, breakfast included
Attentive and helpful staff


Improved design and panoramic view
3 500 7 000
rub per day
Excellent interior composition combined with respectability
3 000 6 000
rub per day
Amazing combination of style and comfor
2 750 5 500
rub per day
Everything you need for comfortable rest
2 500 5 000
rub per day

Platov Airport will help you get anywhere in the world (more than 50 flight directions). Got used to travel safe and comfortable? Daily flights are carried out by 30 Russian and international airlines. Convenient modern parking is at your disposal. There is a cafe and a restaurant at the airport where you can have a tasty meal while waiting for your flight. In duty free stores of different goods, cosmetics and perfumes there is an opportunity to buy souvenirs and gifts. You can visit the unique multimedia exposition dedicated to the history of the Don region.

Especially for passengers who appreciate an increased level of convenience, business lounges (Wi-Fi, TV, food and drinks, a children's room, wardrobe, showers), as well as a VIP terminal with a high level of service, function.

Platov Airport will forever change your idea of air transport!

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