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The embankment

We invite you to get acquainted with one of the attractions of our city. The embankment in Rostov-on-Don is the best place for a family vacation. There are shady and well-groomed alleys, beautiful views of the Don River and many catering establishments.

For the comfort of vacationers, benches were set along the entire promenade, flowers were planted andlawns laid, fountains always work in the summer and you can also see many different monuments and sculptures.

Way from Valencia hotel to the Don Embankment:

  • By car: 17 min
  • By public transport: 40 min
  • Motorway distance: 5,9 km
  • See driving directions to the embankment.
5.9 km between Valencia and embankment
Calm and comfortable rooms
High-quality food, breakfast included
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Improved design and panoramic view
3 500 7 000
rub per day
Excellent interior composition combined with respectability
3 000 6 000
rub per day
Amazing combination of style and comfor
2 750 5 500
rub per day
Everything you need for comfortable rest
2 500 5 000
rub per day

Today, the Don Embankment gathers a large number of people, attracting them not only with a place to relax, but also with many entertainment venues. The selection of various cafes, restaurants and bars is huge. The Petrovsky Fountain is a new generation fountain. It is light musical and multifunctional. The fountain is controlled not by simple water valves, but by a whole hardware-software complex of electronics. The fountain is able to perform 10 colorful water-light compositions to music. The system of pumps with frequency controllers, high-speed valves, underwater lights works as a single harmonious orchestra in water show mode.

Also, for a fee, you can ride a boat on the Don. The routes are very different, but the most popular is an hour's walk. For any age, desire and budget, the embankment of the Don River can offer relaxation and entertainment.

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