«There are no such picturesque sunsets, architectural ensembles; and small houses look like toys», the skeptic thinks. Could you imagine his surprise, when he visits “Valencia”…? Picturesque landscapes, cultural traditions, enchanting ensembles and, certainly, surprising kitchen, all these attract your attention.

Visitors will be fascinated at the romantic mood, hospitality, service and kitchen of high quality. It is our restaurant which gets many visitors to open for themselves taste of traditional Spanish paella, “Marinieres” Mussels, fragrant " Saint-Germain " cream-soup and, certainly, an excellent dessert “Tiramisu”.

One cannot help admiring “Valencia”: its wonderful views, good wine, paella and those legendary “Valencia” salads …

What about “Mixta” salad or “Caprese” salad? Each of these duets combines riot of colour, freshness and taste. For those who always travel, there is nothing better and tastier then native cuisine.

Hotel - restaurant complex "Valencia" offers you original Spanish cuisine with some special appeal, where you can enjoy a harmonious combination of antiquity and European cuisine. It attracts those who are looking for warmth and cordiality, democratic prices and home cuisine.

That is necessary to become favourite! The high quality standard of hospitality without any compromises!

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